Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So i think this post I am just going to ramble on about the mundane life i have been living these last few days..

Something has been off. Its that feeling you get when something bad happens without the something bad happening. I have been really lethargic these last two days and i do not know what it is. I feel like its time for me to leave this area. Almost like it has nothing to offer me anymore. Just one of those kinds of feelings..... I don't know. We will see if its just a phase that will pass in the next few days or not. Hopefully it will.

So today i was at work and this lady walks up and is on the phone and she orders her drink and then stands there for a few minutes. I ask her if she wanted her receipt and she doesn't not respond... So i ask then next person i line what i can get for her and the first lady is still standing there. So i ask the lady if there is anything else i can get for her? And she asks for her receipt... It was a little harder to get it to her cause i had already started the next transaction. So i have to void that transaction and get her receipt. The lady looks at me and straight up tells me that if i would have waited and not rushed to the next customer that it wouldn't have been so hard and that i should have asked her if she wanted it!!!

I know right! Dumb people....
some people are just crazy.
Ok well i am off to write a paper! Have fun y'all

Enjoy the rain while we have it!


James 1:2-5

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  1. ahhh... YAY! i'm SOOOO glad YOU have a blog TOO. haha. it's so much fun to keep tabs on people in the blogging world.
    ps. i TOTALLY know what you mean about the whole lethargic, bad mood feeling without the anything bad. i've been in the rut for the last few days, but the sharks helped pull me out of it last night. lol.